Why a North facing orientation is the ideal on the Sunshine Coast

This is a question we get asked quite often by new clients who have either bought a block of land, or are considering buying a block of land. Answered simply, the best orientation for your new Sunshine Coast home is where the main (daytime) living and outdoor areas are facing North. Choosing land with a North facing yard is the best option.  

North facing home orientation

So what makes a North facing block so much more beneficial? Two main reasons really; natural lighting and energy efficiency. On the Sunshine Coast, we’re blessed with great weather and most of us have a love of the outdoors. In our homes, we love natural lighting and the opportunity to ‘bring the outside in’, and if you’re anything like me, we don’t like the cold!   In terms of heating and cooling, a well-designed North facing home will significantly reduce the costs associated with artificial heating and cooling. In the winter, North facing walls and windows receive more solar radiation than in summer, due to the angle at which the sun shines down in winter vs in summer. By adding vertical shades to your North facing windows, you can provide shade for the Summer, while still allowing sunlight in during the Winter. The sun will also heat your slab during the day and then when the temperature drops during the day, the slab will radiate the heat stored back into the home.  

What if my block isn’t North facing?

Now, not all blocks are going to be oriented North, but blocks with orientations of up to 20 degrees West and 30 degrees East of North can still offer passive sun control. Clever and innovative design means you can still take advantage of the Northern sun.

Building a new home on the Sunshine Coast

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