Building a custom home on the Sunshine Coast can seem like a daunting process, but with Beachside Construction, we guide you through the process at every stage, easing the stress.

If you’re building a house for the first time, it helps to have an idea about what you’re up against before plunging ahead. Otherwise, you will have unrealistic expectations and are much more likely to end up disappointed or frustrated by the experience. To get a basic idea about what to expect when building a custom home, we’ve put together the following guide:

Building a custom home is more involved than buying an existing home.

As mentioned above, building a new home can seem like a daunting process. It’s much more complicated and involved than buying an existing home, but the benefits of getting exactly what you want shouldn’t be overlooked. You’ll have the opportunity to achieve the precise house design that you need – but getting there requires more than a basic idea. At Beachside Construction, we’ve helped thousands of Sunny Coast home owners build their dream home. We can step you through the process, give you food for thought and show you some previous designs. And of course, our focus is on building a quality home which responds to the contours of the block; not only will your custom home suit you and your family’s lifestyle, it will also suit your block!


A Team Effort

At Beachside Construction, we’ve assembled a great team of tradies and suppliers. This allows us to deliver quality built homes on time and to budget. Our team of experienced tradespeople and suppliers will be the ones who do the actual physical work, and they’ll make your dream home a reality; you’ll also work directly with the builder – we won’t pass you off to a salesperson. You’ll be able to work directly with electricians, plumbers, landscapers and other professionals to get everything properly finished.


Achieve Success

The only way to achieve success when building a new custom home is by having a clear plan in place. The appropriate preparations have to made if things are going to happen according to that plan. All of the efforts of the various teams will have to be coordinated so that delays are kept to a minimum. Finally, communication is essential; right from the beginning, you’ll need to clearly convey what you want. Throughout the process, your team should communicate any concerns or issues with you. When all is said and done, everyone should be on the same page. At Beachside Construction we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and communication. We are with you every step of the way to help mitigate any concerns or challenges which may arise.


If you’re ready to build a custom home on the Sunshine Coast, come and have a chat with the team at Beachside Construction. We can meet you on your block to discuss the most appropriate home design to fit your lifestyle and budget. Contact us today! 0409 591 005