Questions to ask yourself when building your new Sunshine Coast home


Designing your own custom home on the Sunshine Coast is an exciting process – you get to control every detail to suit the way you and your family lives. Beachside Construction pride ourselves on the quality of our custom homes and on the great feedback we receive from our clients. We also understand that your new home design is only as good as the questions we ask you at the beginning.

In preparing yourself for a new home build, you might like to use this checklist to make sure your new home will be the perfect fit for your family and your lifestyle.


Family and Lifestyle features

  • How many bedrooms will you need and where would you ideally like these to be located? If you have a busy family, you might consider a parents retreat or a kids retreat to escape the family chaos from time to time.
  • Will you be working from home, and what requirements would your home office need? Consider the type of work you do, how often you’ll be in the home office, what types of storage you’ll need. Also consider if this room would double up as a place for the kids to do homework or spend time researching on a computer.
  • What storage capacity will each bedroom need and storage for the home in general. Sometimes you think you have enough storage until you move into your new home and discover another cupboard would have been ideal.
  • How will your living spaces be used and will you need to be able to see outside or different parts of the home from other rooms. Consider if the kids are playing outside – can you see them when you’re cooking in the kitchen, can you hear them if they need your help?
  • When you arrive home, how will you enter the home? Through the garage or through the front door? Where will your keys/wallets/bags be stored when you first come home? If you’ve been out grocery shopping, do you have easy access from the garage to the home to bring in the heavy shopping bags?
  • How do you like to use your kitchen and where will you like to store appliances? Will specific items need specific cabinetry? Have you got enough bench space in the right areas of your kitchen? Take a look at our kitchen design tips in this blog here.
  • Where will you want to place TV’s, entertainment units and sound systems? From which areas of the home will you want to view the TV?
  • Do you have taller people in your family, who require taller shower heads? Does height impact other design elements of your home?
  • How do you plan to use your outdoor entertaining areas, and where would you like these located?


Other home features

  • How will you take account of natural light and ventilation, to reduce electricity bills? More broadly, what are your plans for energy efficiency and sustainability? You can read some sustainability design tips on a previous blog post here and some information on energy efficient homes from the Queensland Government here. here: and here:
  • Where would you like electrical switches and outlets to be located? Would you like some of these outlets to be USB ports? Also consider power points for hairdryers, iphones, laptops or other heavy kitchen appliances.
  • What do you require in terms of air conditioning and heating?


Choosing Beachside Construction as the builder for your bespoke Sunshine Coast home means you’re choosing to work with a builder who is genuinely committed to delivering your perfect home, on time and on budget. If you would like to discuss a new home build on the Sunshine Coast, contact Beachside Construction today. We would be honoured to design and build your new family home.