Building a new home is a big undertaking, so it makes sense to build a home that’s going to grow with your family. We’ve put together a few simple tips to help you design a future proofed floor plan for your new Sunshine Coast home.


Consider adding an extra bedroom

An extra bedroom (or two) can be a great addition to your new home and a great way to future proof the floor plan. As our families grow, so too do our hobbies and the extra ‘stuff’ we need to store. So whilst you might  think you only need three bedrooms, if your budget and block can accommodate extra, then definitely consider it. It’s also a big factor people look for in buying a home, so adding an extra bedroom would be great for resale.


Choose a style that stands YOUR test of time

As in many other parts of our lives, trends come and go. What might be ‘trendy’ today may not be in vogue in five years time. When considering the elevation of your home, choose a design that appeals to you and something you will enjoy for many years. (An elevation is a 2-dimensional drawing created to give an idea of what the finished product will look like and give the construction team the specifications from which to create the building).


The right orientation will pay off over time

Getting your block orientation right is one of the most important first steps in designing a custom home. The orientation of your home will impact lighting, ventilation and your views. Get it wrong and you could be up for costly power bills due to the need for increased heating, cooling and artificial lighting. Remember too that the sun rises and sets in different places throughout the seasons. Make sure your home is comfortable all year round with the right orientation.


Beachside Construction will design and build your new home

Building a custom home on the Sunshine Coast is a great experience with Beachside Construction. We’re proud to be one of the best custom home builders on the Sunny Coast and would love to chat with you about your future home plans. Give us a call today on 0409 591 005 or email