Dreaming of a new kitchen for your new custom home? Here’s what you need to know

One of the best things about building a modern home on the Sunshine Coast, is being able to design everything from scratch, just the way you like it.

Close your eyes and imagine your dream kitchen… the layout, the design, the sparkly new appliances, the chosen colour scheme. How does it feel to walk through; to cook in; to entertain in?

If the idea of a new home and a new kitchen has you all excited, then this post is for you. Today, we’re looking at the three most important design considerations when designing the kitchen for your new custom home.

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Creating zones in your new kitchen designs

The kitchen is definitely one of the most used rooms of the house; from cooking and entertaining to family time and a homework hotspot, kitchens are constantly used by every member of the family. So another concept to consider are the various kitchen zones. Let’s focus on cooking for this example:

If you’re cooking on the stove top, you want to make sure you have all of your pots and pans and wooden spoons and utensils within easy reach. How do you need to design your kitchen to make sure they’re close by, what cabinets, drawers and cupboards to you need to store these items?

Or are you prepping tonight’s dinner? Do you have plenty of space on the benchtop? Are knives and chopping boards within easy reach? Is your waste bin and compost bin accessible from here?

So where should you start when considering your most important kitchen zones? Think of the most common tasks you complete on a daily basis and create zones for them. We would all love to find some more efficiencies in our days and this is the perfect opportunity.


The working triangle for kitchen layouts

The working triangle is an important design concept when it comes to designing your new kitchen. The working triangle is about connecting the main sections of your kitchen (sink, fridge and stove top/oven), and making sure they’re no more than 3 steps away from eachother; so if you’re at the stove top cooking, you could walk to the fridge in no more than 3 steps to grab out some veggies, then walk to the sink in no more than 3 steps to wash the veggies, then back to the stove top to pop the veggies in the steamer.

In some cases, you might have a fourth area to consider, for example an island bench where you do the food prep. In this case you need to factor in that fourth area as a second triangle; sink, fridge, stove top + island bench, fridge, stove top.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that your three points are close enough to make meal preparation and cooking efficient, without feeling cramped.

Allowing for space in your new kitchen

It’s easy to get carried away with storage space and packing the most into your kitchen, but realistically, you want to make sure your kitchen just flows. No dodging furniture, cupboard doors hitting you in the face or shelves which are out of reach.

Think about how many people will be living in your home and remember kitchens can sometimes be busy places. Is there enough room for all the people in your home to easily move around? Here are our recommended spaces and distances:

What distance should I allow between kitchen fixtures?

At Beachside Construction, we recommend a minimum of 1 metre between kitchen fixtures (cabinets, cupboards, walls), but not 3 metres of your space might feel too large and open.

What is the standard kitchen bench height?

The height for a standard kitchen bench is 900mm

What is the standard kitchen bench depth?

The depth for a standard kitchen bench is 600mm

What’s the recommended distance for island bench seating?

We recommend sticking to no less than 600mm per person, to allow enough room without hitting eachother’s elbows


Excited to plan your new kitchen for your new home?

If your answer is yes, then let’s chat! At Beachside Construction, we work with some of the best tradies on the Sunshine Coast and have an amazing list of suppliers who’ll turn your kitchen dreams into reality.


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