Whether you’re a climate change believer, or a sceptic, each year we’re experiencing rising temperatures, more severe storms and more drought affected regions. We all have a role to play in helping our environment. So here at Beachside Construction, we’ve put together this list of exterior design ideas for a more sustainable home, whether you’re building a new custom design home, or staying put.

Don’t waste your waste

These days, most of us know what we can and can’t recycle… what can be thrown into the yellow lid bin and what goes into the red lid. But what about our organic waste? When organic waste is taken to the dump and placed into landfill it produces some pretty toxic chemicals, the leading one being methane. Landfill sites also use an array of petro-chemicals to break the organic waste down into compost. Unfortunately those petro-chemicals are stripping the resulting compost of minerals and trace elements which help improve soil quality and grow more nutritious produce.

So, opt for a home solution instead. Which one? Rotating composts, in ground composts, worm farms… there’s a lot to choose from and each have their own benefits. Whichever you choose, make sure you’re using the resulting compost or worm castings in your plant and/or vegetable gardens.

Solar Panels

On average, solar panels will save you $400 per kw in electricity bills. So, for a 5kw system (a popular size for an average 4 bedroom home), you could save $2,000 per year. Installation of panels costs around $6,000, so you could be paying this back after only three years. There are also rebates available through the Australian Government’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). 

If solar panels aren’t possible, you could consider switching to a green energy supplier. Check out The Green Electricity Guide for an unbiased ranking of the environmental performance of all retailers selling electricity to Australian households.

Keeping your home cool from the outside

As the days are heating up again, you might like to consider some simple screening ideas to keep the heat out. Depending on the orientation of your block and how your home is positioned, you can use the following guidelines:

  • Use horizontal elements (eaves and awnings) to direct away vertical sun (high, midday), and;
  • Use vertical elements (screens and blinds) for horizontal sun (morning and afternoon).

A tree or hedge planted outside a West facing exterior wall can also direct heat away from your home. You could even use some of your nutrient rich compost to keep it healthy and flourishing!


So there’s three external design tips you can do to help make your home more sustainable. Thinking of building a new home on the Sunshine Coast? Give Beachside Construction a call today on 0409 591 005. We’d love to chat with you about designing and building a custom home.