Ten years ago, Bobby Lenz had a vision to open one of the greatest flooring stores in the country. Today, we think he’s done it. Previously located on Technology Drive, Warana, Sunshine Coast Flooring Xtra is one of the new kids on the block at Home Central Kawana, and boasts a grand array of vinyl and laminate flooring, carpets (including exclusive brand Cavalier Bremworth) and a selection of window furnishings. So as part of our ‘Supplier Spotlight’ segment, we sat down with new owners Bobby and Chantelle Lenz to chat all things flooring (and triathlons, and rock bands, and… the list goes on!)

A vision for a new store

Bobby is clearly a visionary guy and a details man – with the help of Pinterest (and a few late nights with a cheeky vodka), he carefully designed every aspect of the new Sunshine Coast Flooring Xtra showroom, right down to what flooring he wanted laid where. And it shows! The new showroom is amazing and so well-considered. There’s a pleasing consistency about the product stands all being the same height which makes it easy to scan other products across the store. Stunning pendant lighting makes you feel like you’re in a plush hotel foyer, and, an added bonus for parents with little tots, there’s a colourful kids play area – the brainchild of Bobby and Chantelle’s 9 year old daughter.

Some of the most popular flooring products on the market?

“Vinyl planking is still proving to be one of the most popular products on the market, and soon to be released on the Australian market is a vinyl planking system which can be put inside a shower. The Hybrid click-in waterproof floating floor is also gaining in popularity and there are some great laminate products on the market now, which have overcome all the issues of laminate flooring in years gone by.”

What’s trending?

“When it comes to carpets, there’s no doubt that Chunky Loop carpets are the way to go.” And colours? “The greys and beiges continue to be popular, but we’re seeing a lot more colours coming into the market… just not many patterns yet.”

A great relationship with Beachside Construction

Bobby and Chantelle have only personally been working with Beachside Construction this year since when they became the new owners of Sunshine Coast Flooring Xtra in July 2019. However previous owners Phil and Eileen have been working with Beachside for over two years.

The best part of working together? “With Beachside, everything is always so transparent. It’s interesting because flooring choices are normally made toward the end of the building process, when relationships between client and builder can sometimes become a bit tense. But I’m yet to meet a client of Beachside Construction who hasn’t been happy with the process.  From what I can see, communication is excellent and they respect their clients wishes, as well as their suppliers.”

Bobby has also been a flooring installer for over 20 years, so has a great understanding of not only specifying products, but also how they’ll be installed – an added bonus in the building process.

Giving back to the community

One of the greatest things about Sunshine Coast Flooring Xtra is their commitment to giving back to the community. Bobby and Chantelle also managed a Flooring Xtra store in Gladstone and started supporting a young Gladstone girl, Bella, battling brain cancer by donating $10 from every sale to her cause “Bella the Brave”. Since taking ownership of the Sunshine Coast store, they’ve also set up the same contribution with Bloomhill Cancer Care.

Tell us something interesting about you!

We asked Bobby this question, and he instantly said “nah there’s nothing that interesting about me”, then in the next breath he started talking about a band he used to be a part of called “Nordic Twist” (a name inspired by, yep you guessed it, carpet!), AND he’s heading out this afternoon (at the time of writing) to start training for the Melbourne Half Marathon, AND he’s done 6 Half Ironman events…! That’s pretty interesting if you ask me!!

Pop in and check out the new store

So, if you’re in the area and in need of new flooring, pop in to see Bobby and Chantelle. There’s no doubt they’re one of the most passionate flooring experts you’ll meet and they’re super friendly. Or check them out online here.

Thanks Sunshine Coast Flooring Xtra for looking after our clients and constantly providing a great service. You certainly help to take the stress out of the building process!