Thinking of purchasing and building on a sloping block of land? If you answered yes then this is the blog post for you. A sloping site can be both a blessing and a curse. It can mean your home design will be unique, and you’ll have amazing views.

However building on a sloping site can also be a difficult task, which poses some very specific challenges. It requires creative and innovative thinking and a builder who is experienced in building on slopes. The nature of a slope can make building more problematic and therefore more costly than building on a flat site.

Beachside Construction (QLD) has the specialist skills to design and build your dream home on a sloping site, to ensure that your home is less of a landslide and more solid as a rock – all without blowing your budget.

Here’s how we work with you to design and build your dream home on a sloping block:

Understanding the site

Beachside Construction offers a Free Site Inspection, so if you’ve recently bought or are thinking of buying a sloping block, give Beachside Construction a call. We’ll want to get a copy of your contour plan and ask you some questions about your dream home, and budgets.

Designing your Dream Home

Now that we understand your block, Beachside Construction can custom design a site-responsive home. Key considerations of your site will be:

  • The steepness of the block – this might dictate whether you have a pole home or a slab home, a single stepped home or a split-level design;
  • The direction of the slope – whether the slope runs up from the road or down from the road or across the block;
  • Location and amount of drainage to move water away from the home;
  • The direction of your views, and which views you want to maximise;
  • Environmental considerations, such as maximising light, air flow and reducing the effects of wind tunnels.

Sticking to your Budget

Building a home on a sloping block is more expensive than building on a flat block, however opting for a custom design will help reduce costs associated with the build. In particular, a site-responsive design will require less excavation and less retaining – and these can be heavy ticket items! It’s also important to remember that too much excavation and inadequate retaining can lead to soil erosion problems.

Don’t be put-off by a sloping block!

Call Beachside Construction first! We have many years experience in designing and building homes on challenging sites in the Sunshine Coast. We will work with you at every step of the journey to ensure we deliver your dream home on your dream block of land.