Renovation Builders Sunshine Coast

If your idea of heaven is the Sunshine Coast, with its welcome and its sand dunes, mangrove forests, glorious beaches, award-winning restaurants and convivial company, then Beachside Construction (Qld), renovation builders in Sunshine Coast, would love to build, renovate or remodel a house for you.

Whatever your priorities may be, we can help to enhance the light and the views, provide uncluttered space and spaciousness, exalt harmony with nature, and give you generous rooms flowing into each other, designed for entertaining. Light circulates in the imaginative but ageless houses we build, and there is a rhythm so that they are easy to get around, but full of small, delightful surprises. That’s what our contractors and designers believe in. And, after all, houses in Australia, however large or small, tend to be light, bright and airy.

If you are not on the spot and can only visit occasionally, don’t worry. Beachside Construction (Qld) listens to what you say and understands, stays in touch and sends regular progress reports and photos. We are prepared to take responsibility for the whole project and make sure that all the workmen and artisans liaise efficiently. We’ll help you with authorizations and permits, and check to see if you are eligible for a grant. Whatever your influences and inspiration, we’ll learn what you want to accomplish and we’ll achieve it with you. We like to work with the family and for the family to remain involved in the planning and design.

Of course colour is a key requirement. After all, life is colourful, and on the Sunshine Coast you tend to expect sultry, welcoming colours. Recessed windows and ceiling fans keep a house cool in summer. Kitchens should be as practical as they are beautiful, and bathrooms as beautiful as they are practical. Even the terrace should be another living room. Our swimming pools are always stunning. There is enough cupboard space.

Our houses have a sense of community, of communication, of interaction. They are a way of life, not just four walls and a ceiling. Contact Beachside Construction (Qld) today and come to meet us. We build houses that are meant for people.

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