Recycled Glass Countertops Sunshine Coast, QLD

You know, kitchen countertops probably get more use — and abuse too — than any other surfaces in a home — and they are very visible. Recycled glass countertops are made from recycled glass and non-toxic pigments in a matrix of porcelain or cement or resin, and have a beautiful mosaic-like appearance. The ratio of glass to binder varies, but it tends to be three-quarters recycled, or recycled and new, glass to one-quarter binder. Porcelain from old sinks and lavatories, and seashells are also used with or instead of glass. Larger chunks of glass create a gem-like surface, while smaller ones can look like sparkling granite.

Just imagine old thrown out bottles and jars made into a durable work surface

The recycled glass countertops are very eco-friendly and contribute vibrant colour and visual texture to a kitchen. Since they are available in almost every colour, there is a far wider choice than in granite or quartz — and they are less conventional.

Enduring style and a fresh, timeless, contemporary look

Although recycled glass countertops are tough and durable, the cement based ones are also porous, and therefore they need to be resealed regularly to make them completely watertight and to protect them from staining and from acids such as red wine, vinegar and lemon juice. Resin based countertops do not need sealing. Regular waxing is a good idea as it prevents discolouration, and cutting boards and hot pads should always be used so as to protect the finish. To clean your recycled glass countertop, spray a glass or multi-purpose cleaner onto a soft cloth or sponge and, to remove grime, scrub with dishwashing detergent and hot water.

Visual interest — a distinctive look, depth and translucence

Since recycled glass is manufactured, it can be ordered in all shapes and sizes. There are solid glass countertops too, which are made from recycled glass, and these do not have issues like sealing.

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And you will need to find a fabricator who knows how to work with slabs of recycled glass and can install them for you. And who knows how to handle seams — and which materials to use, how to colour them, etc. If you are on the Gold Coast, call Beachside Construction (Qld). We specialize in recycled glass countertops, and we can make your kitchen a real gem.