Bring your ideas together, to create your dream custom home on the Sunshine Coast

Designing and building a new custom home on the Sunshine Coast is exciting! You have so many ideas floating around in your head, pages and pages of magazine clippings, and a Pinterest board with a million and one pins. So how do you bring it all together and make sense of it all? How do you turn these ideas into your dream home? It’s time to create a mood board!


What exactly is a mood board?

Many interior designers and architects like to use mood boards to collate their ideas and understand how a home might look and feel. Using mood boards is a great way to visually communicate your concepts and visual ideas. It’s usually a well planned arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. that is intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.


Why create a mood board?

When you’re designing your new home on the Sunshine Coast, it can sometimes be hard to visualise how your ideas will come together, particularly your interior colour palette and material choices. What looks good on the pages of a magazine or in a Pinterest post, may not necessarily work when you bring together ten other ideas.

Using a mood board can also help you to express the vision you have in mind for the project. Sometimes it can be hard to express your visual ideas in words to others, but using a mood board, you can much more effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas. A mood board is a very efficient visual communication tool.


How do I make my mood board?

Mood boards can either be created on your computer, or the good old fashioned way. If you’re opting for the latter, you’ll need glue, paper, magazines, scissors, paint charts, wallpaper and fabric samples. And lots of coffee.

But if you’re creating a mood board on your computer, you might have access to some design programs like InDesign or PhotoShop. Otherwise give Canva or Google Slides a try – these are great because you can also add in pins from Pinterest. You can also save these photos to your smartphone; handy for when you need to visit the tile or carpet shops to discuss your ideas.


How do I arrange my mood board?

When designing your own mood board, you might like to create one for the interior of your new home and one for the exterior. If you’re the more detailed type, you may even like to break the interior down room by room, showing examples of the components in each room.

When placing the images on your page it’s best to start from the front of the home and work your way through.  This allows you to create the journey of moving through your new home.

Here are some other tips:

  • Make sure you add your wallpaper samples and paint charts. If you’re going for a paint colour on the walls, don’t put the paint chip on your mood board – put a painted sample so that you have the true colour
  • Don’t be afraid to edit, put items on and off again, or to make changes
  • Ask you family for their input to make it a cohesive experience
  • If you have trouble spots in your home (hallways, bathrooms and kitchens are usually key areas) make sure you include images on how you want these spaces to look and feel


When you’ve finished your mood board

Once you’ve finished, pop your mood board up in place in your home where everyone can see it – like on the fridge, or in your home office or hallway. Take pride in your ideas for your home. Explain your ideas to friends and family; talking about your ideas will bring you one step closer to creating your dream home on the Sunshine Coast.

Finally, take a photo of your mood board on your smartphone, and then take it with you shopping. Refer back to your mood board to check that any purchases you are making fit with your dream colour scheme.

Most importantly, have fun when creating your mood board!


Here at Beachside Construction, our Client Liaison Manager, Tonya, has had years of experience with helping families re-create their dream homes. We also work with some of the best suppliers on the Sunshine Coast who do their very best to make your dreams a reality.

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