How to maximise your small block of land on the Sunshine Coast with a beautiful custom home design by Beachside Construction

Land prices aren’t getting any cheaper, so for many people a smaller block of land is the only option. However a small block of land doesn’t have to mean a small house. There are some great ways to maximise your small block of land on the Sunshine Coast, and build a custom design home of your dreams. Beachside Construction can show you how. Here are our recommendations for designing a custom home on a small block.

  1. Make your rooms and spaces work harder

This first tip is all about how you think about each room – don’t think of having a room for every function, instead make one room do a lot of jobs.

You might not have room for a dedicated study, so could you design a study nook,

You might not have a dedicated study, but you might be able to add a study nook or space for a desk and chair which you can shut the doors on when not in use.

For compact bedrooms, make sure you add in plenty of storage so you don’t need to take up space with large drawers or cupboards. At a minimum, try to design your bedrooms to a size of 3m x 3m.

Don’t have space for a lounge room and a media room? Build in good storage so that you can pop away toys, books, record collections when not needed.

  1. Create a feeling of spaciousness

The first place to start is to consider the orientation of your block. Find North. You want to make sure your living spaces are oriented to the North or North-East – this will make a huge difference in the quality and amount of light the room receives.

The second step is to consider volume. This means ceiling heights and the shape of your ceilings. Higher ceilings can make a room feel bigger and more spacious. Try for a minimum of 2.7m (that’s 9 feet).

The third step is to consider the indoor/outdoor relationship. Think beyond the confines of your home design and even your land size and consider your potential views. What connection do you have with the outside environment? How can you design the home so that your internal spaces flow to your outdoor spaces? Can you maximise views into your garden? Of course you need to balance this with privacy, particularly as you’re on a smaller block of land and your neighbours will not be far away.

  1. Open Plan Living

Typically comprised of kitchen, living and dining room, the absence of internal walls allows more light to enter the house. Opt for a living floor plan which also open onto a deck or alfresco space to add that extra feeling of spaciousness and bring the outside in.

  1. Consider your Garage design

In line with the first point above, consider what other functions your garage could perform. One good idea is to add a laundry in the garage, to save space for a dedicated laundry in the home. This could work nicely with an exit door out from the side or rear of the garage to the clothes line.


There are many creative ways you can custom design your Sunshine Coast home on a smaller block of land. The benefit of engaging Beachside Construction as your builder is we can custom design a home that works for you and works for your block. Contact Beachside Construction today and we would love to chat about a custom design for your dream home on the Sunshine Coast.