Knock Down and Rebuild Sunshine Coast

Rather than remodelling or enlarging your house, would it make more sense, both financially and architecturally, to knock it down and start all over again? Come and talk to us at Beachside Constructions about how much it would cost to to rebuild the size of house you need to your own specifications as opposed to renovating it. If our estimate is 30 per cent less than the modifications you envisage, then the project is worth considering seriously. In the long run you might prefer to build your dream home rather than fiddle with your present one if you can get planning permission and there are no access issues.

Government authorization

So first you need to check with your local government authority or council. If you live in a heritage-listed suburb, then the odds are against you, but it is still worth telephoning your council Planning and Building Department and finding out which approvals and permits would be required rather than just looking at their website. Then come back to us and we’ll work together. We can advise and help organize the various approvals and permits, such as boundaries and easements, overlays or covenants, access and disruption, overlooking neighbours, large trees needing to be chopped down and flora conservation, utilities to be disconnected, and even flooding and bushfire protection.


We can bring in a licensed specialist demolition contractor who can also remove asbestos if necessary as well as waste material and vegetation. Some demolition costs may be recouped by salvaging and recycling items like bricks and roof tiles.
We’ll check the drainage and discuss eco features worth incorporating, which, although they may cost more initially, make the house more energy efficient and cheaper to run. While you have workmen in situ it is worth considering all the long-term benefits.

Government and legal fees and mortgages

Don’t forget that there are always unexpected costs and budget for them — but Beachside Construction (Qld) will do everything possible to make sure your exciting step towards fulfilling your dream is as efficient and painless as possible and that you are never overwhelmed.

Custom Homes & Renovation – Knock Down and Rebuild Sunshine Coast