Looking for the latest interior design trends for 2021? We’ve researched some of the most popular interior design blogs, and here are the trends to look out for.


Tranquility in the home

Whether it’s a result of COVID and the uncertainty it has brought, the desire for more tranquil surrounds is at an all time high. Interior design is very much a response to human needs, and in 2021 we will see balance and calm in living spaces.


Homes that offer multiple uses

There’s no doubt that this past year has made us re-think our homes, and many of us have found ourselves spending more and more time at home (due to lockdowns, less travel and social distancing). This has created the return of zoning – where each family member has their own space. There is a growing trend for rooms and spaces that are connected but can also be closed with sliding doors and partition systems to provide greater privacy.


Natural earthy tones

We’ve seen these colours in fashion over the last year or two, but now those natural earthy tones are making their way into our homes. Think heavier textures, browns and beiges and unique vintage pieces. Better Homes and Gardens has listed three top colours to look out for in 2021: Set Sail Champagne, Fortuna Gold and Tidewater Green.

In keeping with the nature theme, outdoor spaces are expected to be the most desirable area for upcoming improvements – we have already had many enquiries for home designs that connect the indoors with the outdoors.


Simple lines and minimal design

When it comes to furniture, less is definitely more. Highlyann Krasnow – creative director of The Design High says “less is more with furniture – think simple lines and not over-designed”. With this in mind, there is still a strong design for the minimal design aesthetic – less clutter means less to clean.


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