Three effective ways to help you choose a home design for your new Sunshine Coast home

Your home design will be one of the first things you think about when considering building a new home on the Sunshine Coast. The two most important considerations should be your current family lifestyle and your expected future lifestyle. If you’re designing your ‘forever home’, then the design needs to consider both of these.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, think about other homes you’ve visited in the past – what did you like about them? What didn’t you like about them? Here are some helpful tactics to help you determine the perfect house plan:


Location location location

The location of where you want to live can dictate the type of house you’re able to build. For example, single-family homes allow for a larger backyard for your family to enjoy backyard BBQs, spend time in the pool or playing on swingsets, or a space for the dog to run around. However, if backyards aren’t important to you, perhaps you have your eye on a sloping block with a stunning view?

Think about where your family spends the most time inside and outside your home, and the activities you do and don’t enjoy.


Floor plan design

While the number of bedrooms and bathrooms is important, you also need to consider how you plan on designing your home. Do you prefer a more traditional style or a modern house design? Is an open concept important or something more compartmentalized?

Also think about your current furnishings and whether you decide to bring them into your new home design. If so, you will need to consider how the items will fit into the space and flow according to your needs.


Current Lifestyle

Before you fully commit to a house design, you need to evaluate your current lifestyle. Create a list of the top-ten priorities your family must have:

  • Will you be entertaining guests regularly?
  • Is there adequate room for children to grow?
  • Do you want a kitchen with all the bells and whistles?
  • What will your family need to be comfortable and continue with everyday activities, both now and 10 years on?


Contact Beachside Construction to build your new Sunshine Coast home

While choosing a house design can seem overwhelming, it’s a great time to narrow down your needs and develop the home of your dreams on the Sunshine Coast. Beachside Construction would love the opportunity to design and build your home and help create long-lasting memories for years to come.