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• Is Tiny Houses a real movement? Over the past few years, architects have become increasingly interested in developing small space living, both in houses and flats.
• Greater focus on housing for the elderly.
• More spectacular buildings going up throughout the Middle East.
• Construction sites using new technologies for productivity and efficiency, from BIM systems to molecular construction and prefabrication and from 3D printing to automation and artificial intelligence.
• Increased interest in electric and self-driving cars.
• Water management and landscape urbanism, permaculture and public spaces.
• Increased insistence on recycling, sustainability, rehabilitation and adaptive re-use, and also on eco-friendly and local materials and techniques.
• More vertical gardens and rooftop gardens as well as more indoor plants and trees.
• More automation, robotics and algorithms.
• Focus on renewable energy, environmental awareness, climate change and energy positive buildings.
• Changing floor levels within open plan spaces, but fewer open plan areas and the return of the dining room.
• Fewer metallic and more soft, matte fabrics.
• Less boxwood, especially due to the caterpillars killing the hedges.
• Fewer 1950s and ‘60s inspired designs generally, but more mid-century inspired A-frames.
• Less black and white, and all white and neutrals — bold colours are back., therefore fewer ‘pops of colour’.
• Less overstated decorative lighting.
• More statement artworks, which are a contrast to the house’s all-over palette.
• Less golden-brass.
• Fewer industrial finishes and mass-produced items. Everything customized and personalized.
• Greater comfort.
• More focus on the kitchen and on space to unwind as well as more flexible areas.
• Indoor-outdoor spaces.
• Greater concentration on disaster proofing buildings.
• Improved branding house design in Sunshine Coast.
• Solar roof tiles rather than panels.
• Better walter filtration systems.
• More integrated technologies.
• Glass walls, sliding doors and movable dividers and partitions.
• Sealing and insulation.
• Bamboo replacing glass and metal cladding.
• Curves rather than straight lines.
• More women in architecture.

Beachside Construction (Qld) believes in designing with light as well as form and mass

House Design Sunshine Coast – Trends 2019

Architecture is around us every day, even if we don’t pay it much attention. A good architect’s work goes largely unnoticed when their buildings blend seamlessly with their surroundings. Contact Beachside Construction (Qld) to see what we can do for you. Beachside Construction (Qld) will build your dream house — or extension or renovation or even something mid-built — to your budget and plot constraints in consultation with you and taking into consideration all your objectives, wishes and ideas. Architects, designers, and builders will combine to create the home of your dreams.