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When Beachside Constructions receives a new enquiry, the caller usually gives a brief explanation: “We want to redo our house.” Or “We have looked at a block of land and would like your opinion on the suitability of it…” Or even “We have fallen in love with a home you built and want that exact look.”

Then we ask:

1. How did you hear about us? Perhaps it’s an existing client’s recommendation, or they may have seen our work in a client’s home. We try to get a good idea of what they like, and of their lifestyle from the start.

2. Where is your land? This is a good indication of a person’s taste and the style to achieve.

3. I think we should meet at your block of land. This is the best way to assess the outlook and what the owners love — it could be a beautiful mango tree or a stunning view.

4. Would you like to meet at our office where we can discuss your requirements and you can see examples of our work?

5. Do you have an idea of the layout? The number of bedrooms you need?

6. Do you do a lot of entertaining? What is your preferred number of guests for a dinner party? The answer tells us what size reception rooms and dining table are needed — and how big the fridge needs to be.

7. Do you like cooking?

8. Are you and your husband keen gardeners? What are your hobbies? This tells a lot about them.

9. How large is your family? What are their ages? If the reply mentions names we make a note of them.

10. Do you like reading or watching TV? Do you require audio visual input devices?

11. What are your favourite colours? What kind of art do you like?

12. What is your build start timeframe? We need to establish what needs doing and how much time it will take.

Thus begins a dialogue. Usually the potential client has a lot to say, and may give answers without being asked questions. Some people start off saying “I want a blue dining room or a chintz bedroom” Or “I hate marble!”

Usually we get a good idea of the client, and the chemistry must be right. After all we are interviewing each other — but always remember that a client, even a potential one, is always right. Call Beachside Constructions and let’s try to do up your house together.

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