No matter your age or occupation, it seems we all need a place in our homes to ‘dock’ and ‘log on’. There’s no doubt that study and office spaces are becoming a necessity in Sunshine Coast homes, particularly with so many home businesses and people working from home.

Sometimes, however, we don’t have the space to dedicate a whole room to the home office – so adding a study nook is a great solution. At Beachside Construction, we’ve designed and built some very creative study nooks in the smallest of spaces, which are still highly functional.

Here are some great ideas of where you might place your study nook

Kitchen Tech Hub

As we all know, the kitchen is the heart of any home and where most people gather. Why not incorporate a Tech Hub into your butler’s pantry; somewhere you can co-ordinate the family social calendar, plug in and re-charge household devices, and even do your on-line grocery shop right where you can see exactly what you do (and don’t) need). Keeping the finishes and colours similar to those of the kitchen will give you a more seamless connection, and add in a stool that can be tucked away when not in use.

Under the Stairs

Living in or designing a two storey home on the Sunshine Coast? You might normally consider under the stairs as a place for storage, but why not convert it into a study nook! You could create some built-in alcove shelves which rise up from under the staircase to above it, leaving ample room for books and papers.

Just make sure you’ve considered provision for good lighting, power points for electrical devices, and don’t bump your head on the way out!

In a Cupboard

You’ve probably heard of a cake in a mug, but have you ever heard of a study nook in a cupboard? Transforming a cupboard into an office might be the most valuable use of storage space you can muster, so why not give it a try?

The key here is to make sure you use the cupboard space wisely. For example, build storage up to the ceiling to make the most of wasted space. The upper shelves can be filled with square baskets to stash away stationery and other bits and bobs, while a filing cabinet is the place for papers. Choose a compact stool that can be tucked under the desk when it’s time to close the door on the subject.


Design tips to keep in mind when creating a study nook

  • The basic configuration for any study nook is a bench top with a couple of floating shelves above. The bench top acts as the work space and the shelving as either storage or display space. Ensure that you have adequate tasking lighting and that power points are positioned up high, underneath the bench top so that cords can remain out of sight. A cable hole cut out with a cover can be fitted to the bench top so that cords can be fed through.
  • The obvious downside to creating a study nook, is that they can often become a dumping ground for everyday items at the end of the day. To avoid a mess being on display, consider installing some pocket sliding doors that retract back into the walls when open. This will free up surrounding circulation space and give you the ability to close it off when the mayhem gets a little too much.
  • A study nook is a great space to add that pop of colour you’ve been wanting to use somewhere in your home but haven’t had the courage. Don’t be afraid to paint the walls an inspiring shade of choice, or select a creatively designed wallpaper.


If you’re considering building a new home on the Sunshine Coast where a study is important but space won’t allow, come and chat with us at Beachside Construction. We would love to help you design your dream custom home where function and beauty come together.