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Just be sure that each and every project, big or small, price no object or with a tight budget, receives exactly the same meticulous attention to detail and budget. And construction consulting services, which include project budgeting, bidding assistance, permit assistance, scheduling and product selection, should be made available to those clients who are building their own home and want — and need — some professional help.

Ric Blenkharn said: “To be exceptional, a new building should enhance its setting and reflect the highest standards in architecture.”

Beachside Construction (Qld) provides outstanding building quality, together with innovative, imaginative and affordable design. And we really do design exceptional homes — just what you have always wanted, hoped for and dreamed of. Our entire team has empathy, respect and honesty as well as being capable, committed and accountable, and also dedicated to the environment. We’ll try and put ourselves in your shoes to make sure that your new home has all the amenities and sustainability you expect, because all our homes are entirely individual, just as our clients are.

Frank Gehry said: “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”

Of course our clients expect Beachside Construction (Qld) houses to be both outstanding and innovative, and to reflect the highest standards in architecture in their neighbourhood, enhancing their setting with sensitivity. So that is what we have been doing for almost 20 years. First we try out a lot of ideas and build up a dialogue and a chemistry with the clients until we find something both suitable and creative that fits their budgets and schedules, and then we work together to achieve it.

Winston Churchill said: “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

And Beachside Construction (Qld) tries to take most of the stress out of building with undivided attention to the smallest details and by staying in close touch with the client. We establish a strict schedule from the beginning, and keep the client abreast of progress with photographs and regular visits. Beachside helps to arrange any necessary building approvals and permits too. There may be boundaries and easements, overlays or covenants to be looked at, as well as access and disruption as far as neighbours are concerned, or large trees that should be chopped down. Utilities must be disconnected, and protection designed against flooding and bushfires. Forget the hassle — contact our custom home builders in Sunshine Coast today for the house of your dreams.

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