Thinking of building a custom designed home on the Sunshine Coast?

The best thing about building a custom home is that you get to design a home unique to you and your family. Sometimes however, deciding on what you want in your new home can be tricky. Here’s our advice:


Scrapbook your ideas

When thinking of your new home, you’ll no doubt have certain images that come to mind – the size and features of the kitchen, the number of bedrooms, how bright and airy is the home, what size windows do you like? You could create a physical mood-board or scrapbook from magazines and books, or start your own pinterest board. Pulling this together will help when explaining your vision to you builder, tradespeople suppliers.


Visit some display villages

Whilst Beachside Construction don’t have any display homes (because we specialise in custom built homes on the Sunshine Coast), it’s still a good idea to go and have a look at some display homes to get an idea of features you do and don’t like and get a feel for the house and room sizes. Take notes of what you do and don’t like about certain display homes, and take photos too so you don’t get overwhelmed or confused when you get home.


Organise to meet Beachside Construction for an on-site inspection

At Beachside Construction, we believe in designing homes which complement your chosen block of land, including:

  • The contours of the block (is it a sloping block? Would a split level home suit?)
  • Orientation (which way is it facing – North, South, East or West – as this will change the positioning of rooms and windows and whether you should have vertical or horizontal screening)
  • Natural light and ventilation (are you up on a hill and catching the breezes, or do you need to allow for better natural ventilation through the design of the home?)

After the on-site meeting, we’ll develop a rough sketched plan which we’ll circulate to our sub-contractors and suppliers who’ll provide us with a fixed quote for their work. These quotes are then compiled along with realistic sum allowances to provide you with an exact construction cost.

Paul and Tonya will then schedule a follow up meeting to discuss the quotation in detail and where the costs will be allocated. We choose this approach as it eliminates unexpected costs down the track, and allows us to be as transparent as possible.

To arrange an on-site inspection, call Beachside Construction today on 0409 591 005. We’d love to build your dream home on the Sunshine Coast.