Custom builders for sloping blocks Sunshine Coast

At Beachside Construction, we are specialists in creating stunning custom homes on the Sunshine Coast. If you’ve found the perfect block for your home, but you’re concerned about the challenges of a slope, don’t be deterred. We can help you create a beautiful custom home that compliments your site.

Sloping blocks allow us to be more creative when it comes to designing your home. Not only do you get the views and the breezes, but you get a home that’s custom built for your needs and the contours of the block.

Many project builders will shy away from sloping blocks, even blocks with the slightest of slopes. Here on the Sunshine Coast, we are blessed with undulating land which makes the landscape and scenery even more spectacular. At Beachside Construction, we custom design split level and multi-storey homes which offer interesting interiors and an array of living areas. Designing a home to suit the contours of the land can also save you money in excavation, fill and retaining.

We can meet you on-site to assess your block and develop a custom design that provides best value for money. Come and have a chat with the team at Beachside Construction today. We’d love to help you make your new home dreams a reality.