Beach House Design Sunshine Coast

As always, everywhere, whether you are building or buying or renovating your own home, the first things to consider are location, location and location! British real estate tycoon Harold Samuel, Baron Samuel of Wych Cross, is credited with being the first person to say that — or perhaps it was in a classified ad in the Chicago Tribune in 1926.

The prevailing conditions

Location includes consideration of flood zones, and wind exposure too. Of course the elements have to be taken into consideration: sea, sand and weather. On the Sunshine Coast you’ll be spending a great deal of the year outdoors, so do you want a swimming pool? An outside kitchen? An outdoor shower? A study with natural light? Which rooms do you want to be able to watch the sun rise and set from?

Insulate well to maintain a comfortable temperature

Whatever the size of your custom built house, energy efficiency is crucial. You need a coherent, streamlined, high tech, environmentally sustainable heating and cooling system that reduces your electricity bills and makes life on the beach cost effective as well as luxurious.

What size should the house be and how many bedrooms should it have?

How big is your family — and how many generations? Are you taking aging parents or small children into consideration? Don’t forget, decisions made now will affect this house and its occupants forever.

A house is a universal symbol — and a custom built house reveals your soul

This is your dream home and you need to choose an architect, builder and decorator who understands that, and can carry out your wishes with flair and forethought, who is able to communicate and coordinate, and who is used to crafting beautiful, aesthetic and practical homes.

Beachside Construction (Qld) takes the stress out of building

If you are considering building a home on the Sunshine Coast, come and see Beachside Construction (Qld). We have a passion for building homes that are individual to each and every client, and we’ll provide you with a rich setting you’ll love and be healthy and happy in.

Beachside Construction (Qld) has been working on the Sunshine Coast for almost 20 years

We understand the importance of adhering to build times and budgets, and we don’t compromise. Our qualified team will deliver a premium build to create a home your family will love to live in. For custom beach house design in Sunshine Coast, call 0409-591-005