Looking for a home design for your sloping block? Have you considered a split level home?

At Beachside Construction, we specialise in split level homes for sloping blocks on the Sunshine Coast. From beachside blocks, to hinterland mountain hideaways, we can help make your dream home a reality.

Why choose a split level home?

Split level homes offer a unique balance between design, privacy and utilisation of space. They are also a great option for sloping blocks, as they allow your home design to take advantage of the contours of your land.

Ultimately the design of your split-level home will depend largely on the contours of your block and whether your block slopes up from the road or down from the road. In many cases, you’ll have a set of stairs which lead up to the master bedroom and a set of stairs which leads down to the garage.

Let’s look at the main advantages of a split-level home design:

Added privacy

When you locate your master bedroom away from other parts of the house, you’re able to create a more secluded area, away from noise. You can also create a clear separation between the entry to your home, the living areas and the bedrooms, thus achieving greater privacy.

Construction costs

A large cost in building a home comes from altering the shape or contours of your land. Building a split level home means you won’t have to spend extra money on cutting in or excavation. The split-level home design tends to mould around the features of your block.

Keep in mind, however, that even though you may save money on excavating your block, you may have to pay extra for things like retaining walls, which are required to hold soil in place, or block work as part of your home’s foundations.

Natural cooling

With a split level home, you’ll likely have levels that are located under the earth (subterranean). These levels provide an advantage of natural cooling so you won’t need to waste energy and dollars on air conditioners in these parts of the home – a bonus for hot summer days on the Sunshine Coast!

Build you split level home with Beachside Construction

As you can see, the benefits of split-level home designs are amazing. At Beachside Construction we take great pride in building homes our families will love for many many years to come. Our split level home designs are are highly adaptable, affordable, spacious and easy to maintain. To discuss a split-level home design, contact Tonya at Beachside Construction today on 0409 591 005 or email admin@beachsideconstruction.com.au

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