Make 2021 the year you build your new custom home on the Sunshine Coast

If you are thinking of building a new home on the Sunshine Coast this year, have you considered Beachside Construction? Here are 7 reasons why we have a leading reputation as one of the best custom home builders on the Sunshine Coast:


  1. Our service is second to none!

One of the things we are most proud of is our commitment to service. With Beachside Construction you get to deal directly with the builder (Paul Johannessen), not a salesperson. We view each of our customers as an extension of our family, not a number, and we approach every build with a unique lens.

Through the build process, you will communicate with the builder, the individual tradespeople and our client liaison manager, Tonya Stirling. We will make sure that on handover, you have the home of your dreams, built just for you and your family.


  1. We follow a set process to build your new home on the Sunshine Coast

Here at Beachside Construction, we pride ourselves on our client relationships and our build process. We’ve been building custom homes on the Sunshine Coast for over 15 years now and we’ve created a great reputation as a quality builder, with highly skilled and reliable tradespeople and exceptional customer service.

With any major construction project, there can be unforeseen delays – inclement weather or natural disasters, lack of communication and unreliable tradespeople and suppliers. We have developed our processes and systems to mitigate and effectively solve challenges which may arise.

To read about our process in more detail, you can read it here. 


  1. Our team makes us the best builders on the Sunshine Coast

We only work with highly skilled and reputable trades who take great pride in their work. We’ve been working with most of our trades for over 10 years, which demonstrates the respect we have for them, and that they have for us. Paul Johannessen, owner of Beachside Construction and Tonya Sterling (Client Liaison) personally inspect the work at every stage of the build – you won’t be passed on through various project managers. Our quality work extends outside the home too, and includes carefully considered drainage solutions (particularly for sloping blocks), retaining and landscaping, if there are allowances in the contract.


  1. Referrals and word of mouth drives our business forward

At Beachside Construction, we pride ourselves on the number of people who are repeat customers. Our commitment to quality and our processes result in our customers having a positive experience and the home of their dreams. We love seeing our past customers recommend us on social media and online forums – it warms our heart! Read some of our testimonials 


  1. Generous and realistic allowances means no surprises along the way

This is a big one! Walk through any display home village and you’ll find yourself in awe of the immaculate styling, the gorgeous colour palette and everything else that makes a house a home. But remember, all of this styling isn’t included in the build. In fact, when you asked for the price, do you know what is included? Will the final home come with blinds or curtains or will you need to add this at a later date? Is there an inclusion for different paint colours for walls vs skirting boards or architraves, or is this an extra? When the salesperson said it comes with $45,000 in extras, what exactly are the extras, and would you have expected them anyway?

At Beachside Construction, we ask you all these questions at the very beginning. We also ask you your budget, get to know your block of land and ask you how you plan to use and live in your home. Then we’ll get to work on designing a custom home that’s perfect for you and perfect for your block, not an off-the shelf design. We know that you’ve saved hard for this, it’s a huge commitment and you want you to be perfectly happy with your brand new home. Building with Beachside Construction will be seamless, easy and no surprises!


  1. Competitive pricing

Lots of Sunshine Coast home builders have great prices or high quality homes, not many have both. At Beachside Construction, we design and build custom homes that are competitively priced and are built to a very high standard, we will not compromise on quality.

Our processes allow us to offer highly competitive pricing. Following our initial meeting, we’ll develop a rough sketched plan which we’ll circulate to our sub-contractors and suppliers who’ll provide us with a fixed quote for their work. These quotes are then compiled along with realistic sum allowances to provide you with an exact construction cost.

We will then schedule a follow up meeting to discuss the quotation in detail and where the costs will be allocated. This approach eliminates unexpected costs down the track, and allows us to be as transparent as possible.


  1. We’ll get you into your new home sooner

You might be reading this one and thinking “oh, I’m not in any rush, if it takes 4 months or 8 months to complete, it doesn’t bother me too much”. But have a think about your finances. Are you paying interest on the land while you’re building? Are you paying rent while you wait to move into your new home? All this needs to be taken into consideration. Beachside Construction will generally complete a new custom home build within four months. If your build goes over by four months and you’re paying $350.00 a week in rent during that time, that’s around $6,000 – think of all the beautiful new furniture you could buy with that!


So what are you waiting for? If 2021 is the year you’ll build your dream home, and you’re looking for the best home builder on the Sunshine Coast, then give Beachside Construction a call today on 0409 591 005 or email