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Current Bathroom Design Trends

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Current Trends in Bathroom Design on the Sunshine Coast As custom builders on the Sunshine Coast, we’ve seen a fascinating evolution in bathroom design trends. Today’s homeowners are seeking both functionality and style, whether for ensuite bathrooms, guest bathrooms, or children’s bathrooms. Let’s explore the latest trends making a splash in modern homes. Ensuite Bathrooms: … Continue reading →

Sunshine Coast Style: Home design trends illuminating 2024

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As the Sunshine Coast continues to bask in its reputation as a haven for sun-seekers and nature enthusiasts, the home design trends of 2024 are poised to enhance the region’s unique lifestyle. From sustainable features to seamless indoor-outdoor living, Sunshine Coast homeowners are embracing a blend of modern functionality and coastal charm. If you’re thinking … Continue reading →

Spring: The perfect canvas for your new home

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Building Your Dream Home on the Sunshine Coast Choosing to build a new home is a significant decision that offers you the chance to craft a living space that’s tailored to your preferences and needs. If you’ve set your sights on the breathtaking Sunshine Coast, then you’re in for a treat. The Sunshine Coast, with … Continue reading →

Thinking of building a granny flat?

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The popularity of granny flats on the Sunshine Coast, and in fact throughout Australia, has increased considerably. A granny flat is a great way to increase the value of your property, and of course provide you with that little bit of extra cash in your back pocket! Whether you want to accommodate parents, teenagers, older … Continue reading →