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Split level homes to suit your sloping block

At Beachside Construction, our mission is always to design and build a home that complements your lifestyle and responds to the contours of your chosen block of land. When building a home on a slope, a split-level living home is often a great solution.

Whatever the nature of your block, Beachside Construction can create a beautiful home. As sloping block specialists, we see challenging blocks as an opportunity to deliver something more creative and more unique. Split level homes also allow a greater level of sustainability by enhancing your home’s energy efficiency, allowing natural light and ventilation.

When building on a slope, it’s common to have concerns around having a secure foundation. Rest assured, that Beachside Construction are experts in slope specific building methods and specialized construction programs. We are committed to designing and building quality homes on the Sunshine Coast that your family will enjoy for many many years.

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Our personal service offers a single point of contact from planning to completion.

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Ensure you soak up all the best aspects of your unique block with our custom design service.


Our qualified team delivers a premium build to create a home your family will love to live in.
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