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Your home will probably be your largest single investment. But do you want it to be your ideal home or do you want to make it into your ideal home? Do you just want to look for it or to redesign it too? There are a lot of soul-searching decisions to be made before putting down a deposit and signing on the dotted line.

Location! Location! Location!

However, there’s more to it than that. There is the condition of the property and how many priorities on your wish list it already has, as well as what you might agree to compromise on. Then what about homeowners’ association fees and property taxes? And market trends and fashion? In the end, will it make more sense to look for an existing home or to build yourself a new one?

Cost and convenience

If you have a deadline, then visiting properties with a friendly agent and choosing one may be the more sensible option. And if there is not much work to be done, then it may be cheaper too. It may mean being able to start with a mature garden, and, of course, being able to move into a more central area. But you probably won’t get exactly what you want, which means either living with a compromise or having to remodel, landscape, redecorate and generally update.

More sustainable, more energy efficient

Build and not only are you more likely to get exactly what you want, but the up-to-date cooling, heating and ventilation should lower your monthly utility bills. You won’t have to worry about dangerous materials either, such as asbestos, lead and mould. There should be less maintenance, fewer repairs and long-term guarantees.

Your contractor can help to reduce costs

Use a reputable company and a fixed price contract. Establish a schedule and keep abreast of progress with regular visits and photographs. Don’t change your mind on specifications.

Beachside Construction (Qld)

In fact, why don’t you give us a ring? We’re called Beachside Construction (Qld) and we are experienced and efficient, professional and proficient. And we would very much like to work with you.

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