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builders buderim, qld - building companies - custom studios - renovation contractors - custom homes in buderimImagine living on a 180-metre mountain in a town whose name means honeysuckle! The first cedar tree was chopped down on Mount Buderim in the early 1860s, and when all the timber had been cut the rich, red volcanic soil on the plateau grew coffee and ginger — good coffee and the best ginger in the world.

Property prices

In the past 10 years, real estate values have soared due to the spectacular views, the ideal climate, the pleasant altitude, the sea breeze and the accessibility to pristine Sunshine Coast beaches, just a few minutes drive away. This has meant that steep land which had not previously been considered suitable for construction has been developed, so that inevitably much farming land and rainforest has disappeared.

From parrots and kangaroos to hibiscus and eucalyptus

The rainforest is still here though. Visit the Foote Sanctuary and Buderim Forest Park. There is still plenty of wildlife too, from lorikeets, king parrots and brush turkeys to kangaroos and wallabies. In the town itself the streets are lined with trees and the gardens are full of brightly coloured subtropical bougainvillea and sweet-smelling frangipani.

The practicalities of building

Architectural styles range from the classic to the contemporary. And that is where Beachside Construction (Qld) come into their own. Beachside Construction (Qld) are experienced and efficient, professional and affordable, and we can build or rebuild, renovate or repair for you. We can give you advice and help organize approvals and permits for boundaries and easements, overlays or covenants, access and disruption, overlooking neighbours, large trees needing to be chopped down and flora conservation, utilities to be disconnected, and even flooding and bushfire protection.

The most charming of the hinterland towns

Buderim is a very good place to bring up a family — or even to retire to for that matter. There are lots of sporting facilities — horse riding, golf, tennis, swimming — and not as many tourists as down on the coast. The food is great, of course, as it is all over the Sunshine Coast and there are good schools and the university. And you can still hear the crashing of the waves. It’s all very relaxed and casual, and the people are so welcoming and friendly. A strong community spirit and a village atmosphere prevail.

Come over to the Beachside Construction (Qld) office

Call our custom home builders in Buderim, so we can discuss what you have in mind. When you explain your preferred lifestyle to us at Beachside Construction (Qld), we’ll build you the light, bright house of your dreams with glorious views of the ocean. Mount Buderim’s charm is unmatched on the Sunshine Coast — or anywhere else.


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