What types of fireplaces are there?

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Enhance Your Sunshine Coast Home with the Perfect Fireplace As a custom home builder on the Sunshine Coast, Beachside Construction understand that creating the perfect home involves attention to every detail, including the cozy ambiance provided by a well-chosen fireplace. While our region is known for its beautiful weather, a fireplace can still be a … Continue reading →

Current Bathroom Design Trends

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Current Trends in Bathroom Design on the Sunshine Coast As custom builders on the Sunshine Coast, we’ve seen a fascinating evolution in bathroom design trends. Today’s homeowners are seeking both functionality and style, whether for ensuite bathrooms, guest bathrooms, or children’s bathrooms. Let’s explore the latest trends making a splash in modern homes. Ensuite Bathrooms: … Continue reading →

Ideas for outdoor entertaining spaces

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Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Area for Queensland Families Queensland’s warm climate (aside from all this rain we’ve been getting lately!!) offers the perfect backdrop for outdoor entertaining, especially for families with young children eager to explore and play. Whether you’re hosting a weekend barbie, celebrating birthdays, or simply enjoying quality time together, your outdoor … Continue reading →

Maximising Space

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Building Your Family Home on a Small Block with Beachside Construction In the world of real estate, the size of your block doesn’t have to limit your dream of a spacious family home. With the expertise of custom home builder Beachside Construction, we can help you turn even the smallest spaces into a haven for … Continue reading →

Custom homes for growing families

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Innovative Home Design Solutions for Various Generations In recent years, Australia has witnessed significant shifts in lifestyle choices influenced by factors such as housing affordability and financial considerations. This has led to a growing trend where young individuals are opting to reside with their parents for extended periods. Simultaneously, baby boomers are also choosing to … Continue reading →

Sunshine Coast Style: Home design trends illuminating 2024

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As the Sunshine Coast continues to bask in its reputation as a haven for sun-seekers and nature enthusiasts, the home design trends of 2024 are poised to enhance the region’s unique lifestyle. From sustainable features to seamless indoor-outdoor living, Sunshine Coast homeowners are embracing a blend of modern functionality and coastal charm. If you’re thinking … Continue reading →