Thinking about building your dream custom home on the Sunshine Coast? It’s an exciting decision, and probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make.

Your home is your sanctuary and these days more and more of us are spending more time at home – so it pays to make sure you get the design just right. This is where it makes sense to engage a custom home builder to design and build your new Sunshine Coast home. Here we look at the top four benefits to building a custom home.

A custom home design allows for more personalisation

As human beings, we’re all unique; we have unique lifestyles and like different things. This uniqueness often translates into our home designs and the features we’re looking for in our homes that allow us to live our best lives.

Engaging a custom home builder allows you to design a home that meets the needs of your lifestyle. You don’t have to try to squeeze your life into a home that won’t work for you; you get to control the layout and every feature in your home.


You’re in control of material selection and quality

Building a custom home puts you in the drivers seat when it comes to selecting your fixtures and finishes. This means you have complete control over the colours, the appliances, the textures, the quality and much more.

In comparison, if you were to purchase a pre-built home, you don’t have the same knowledge of the materials used or the quality of the construction. With Beachside Construction you get to deal directly with the builder and the various contractors (plumbers, tilers, electricians, etc) so you can ask the questions about construction processes and materials.


You get to control the cost of a custom designed home

One of the myths about building a custom home is that you end up paying more. While in some circumstances this might be true, in others it is definitely not. At Beachside Construction we work very closely with our clients to understand their visions and their budgets.

From the very outset, we ensure we’re all on the same page when it comes to costs and budgets. We also provide very generous allocations that many project builder don’t include. It’s so important to read the fine print in any construction contract, to ensure you know what you are getting, what you aren’t getting and the cost of extras. At Beachside Construction, we lay this all out for you to ensure transparency and no nasty budget explosions.


Maximise the functionality in a custom home

Through a customised home design, you can optimise the functionality of your home. Most importantly, you can design a home that suits your block of land and takes advantage of views, natural light and natural ventilation (also meaning a reduction in energy bills from lighting and heating or cooling).

It also allows you to add in those special rooms or spaces that reflect your lifestyle – a library wall, a study nook, larger wardrobes, in-built cabinetry… the list goes on. A custom home gives you the freedom to express yourself.


Build a custom home with Beachside Construction

So, what are your plans for your new home on the Sunshine Coast? Beachside Construction provide free on-site meetings and quotations. We’d love to chat about your new home plans to help you bring your dream home to reality. Contact us today!