Winter’s here – let’s get cosy by the fire!

How is it Winter already!? It seems this year is flying by faster than ever, and the temperatures have definitely dropped! So what do you love to do in winter? For me, it’s indulging in my favourite foods, pulling on some warm and fluffy slippers, opening a bottle of pinot and getting cosy by a flickering fire.

If you’re thinking of building a new home on the Sunshine Coast, and a fireplace is on your list, here’s our list tips for creating a fabulous fireplace to bring warmth and indulgence into your new home.

First things first, you need to consider your lifestyle, space and budget. There’s a greater range of fireplaces now on the market, but it all comes down to those three things. Wood, gas and electric have been the most popular options, but we’re also seeing ethanol models on the rise.

Wood burning fireplaces.

Probably the most carbon neutral way of producing heat for your home is through a wood burning fireplace. You’ll need a chimney, so cleaning and long term maintenance needs to be factored into your budget. Safety screens are also a must for when embers spit, and you’ll need to remember to keep a stock of timber, especially in the winter. By far the best thing about a wood burning fireplace is the sound and smell of burning, crackling wood. Ahhh, take me there now!

Gas fireplaces

There’s a wide variety of gas fireplaces now on the market at a range of price points. Out of all the different types of fireplaces, gas fireplaces are probably the quickest, easiest and most affordable options. Gas fireplaces generally require direct external venting, so this will need to be considered with settling on a location for your fireplace. With gas fireplaces there’s no chopping of wood, you just push a button to turn on and off – and then open that bottle of pinot and you’re set!

Electric fireplaces

Technology advancements have led to some pretty advanced and lifelike electric fireplaces. Previously regarded as looking overly ‘fake’ or ‘furniture like’, electric fireplaces can now convincingly mimic flames and create the charm of a real fire without the fuss.

Ethanol fireplaces

Low maintenance, energy efficient and easy to install, ethanol fireplaces can be located almost anywhere in your home and don’t require external venting. The flames are clean and there’s no fumes, they look great and, with some models, they can be controlled using your smartphone!

So, all that’s left for you to do is choose a style and a size. Remember to select a size that matches the heat you require to warm the space.

If you’d like to add a fireplace to your new home, come and chat with Paul and Tonya from Beachside Construction. We would love to help bring your fireplace dreams to reality in your custom Sunshine Coast home.