So you want to move to greener pastures? You’re not alone! With the increase in people moving to our beautiful Sunshine Coast (Australians returning from overseas and people moving up from Southern States), more and more people are opting to leave the ‘big smoke’ for greener pastures. The benefits are obvious – more space to build your dream home and more space to roam and enjoy the outdoors!

If you’ve been thinking of making the move to a more regional locale on the Sunshine Coast, you might consider an acreage home. As custom home builders, we’ve helped a number of families bring their acreage home designs to reality and there are some truly stunning acreage home designs out there!

What is meant by acreage living?

In basic terms, acreage living is country living (or rural living); it’s about building a more spacious home on a larger property, as opposed to building on a small block in the city (or in an urban location).

What is the benefit of an acreage home design?

Here are just a few reasons more and more people are choosing to live in an acreage home design Sunshine Coast:

Value for money: The further you are from the city, the cheaper the land becomes (usually!), so moving regional means you get more land for less cost. It also means you can put more money into building your dream home.

Ahh, the serenity: On acreage property, you don’t have to worry about neighbours peering over your fence, or people being able to hear your goings-on inside. You can make your home your sanctuary, and enjoy a quieter life.

Relaxing lifestyle: City life is busy. Country life isn’t. It’s as simple as that! Less traffic, less crowds, and more space to do the things you love.

Sustainable life: Having more land gives you more space for things like planting your own veggie garden, having chickens and even cattle! You don’t have to be a farmer to make the most out of your land and live a more sustainable life.

Closer to nature: If you feel a bit detached from nature living in the city, you’ll relish the chance to be surrounded by beautiful views, trees and rolling hills. It’s a great life for kids too!

Smaller communities: Most towns where you can buy acreage property still have all the services you need, and most people find smaller communities a lot safer and more friendly.


Sound good? We think it does too! Here are a few other things for you to consider.


Decide what you want and need

When designing your dream home, you need to think about your families lifestyle, not just now but also in the future. Is your family growing or shrinking? How might this impact your home design? How many bedrooms do you need? How many garage spaces, bathrooms. Would you like a pool, and how about a spa? What sort of outdoor area would you like? How do you envisage your landscaping? Will you want veggie gardens and composts? Do you plan to buy chickens or other livestock? Having a clear wishlist helps you narrow down the search for your perfect acreage home design on the Sunshine Coast.


Decide on a realistic budget for custom acreage home

Of course, money and budgets will likely be a very big deciding factor on whether you can meet all of your new home goals. Set your budget early and try to stick to it (unless of course you win Lotto!). Discuss your plans with the team at Beachside Construction – you can deal directly with the builder to discuss your dream home and whether your budget is realistic or not.


Finding the best custom home builder

At Beachside Construction, we specialise in custom home designs on the Sunshine Coast. We’d love to discuss your dream home, contact us today.