This year is FLYING by! Why does every year feel like it’s going faster and faster? With only 2.5 months left of 2019, let’s take a look at some of the interior design trends coming in 2020.


Your home is your tranquil haven

Our homes are a refuge from the stresses of life, and a clear trend emerging for 2020 is designing a mindful home. Think low furniture, floor cushions, indoor plants and natural materials.


Bring the outdoors in

Combine your mindful interiors with a calming palette of natural tones and whites. In terms of accent items, check out Pantone’s colour trends for 2020 here – there’s a gorgeous selection of natural tones and vibrant colours. We’ll also continue to see pale pinks, shades of blue and green, and keep your eye out for ripe olive green – touted as a super chic option. Don’t be afraid to mix unlikely colours together – pairings such as taupe with periwinkle blue, rust and lilac, and mustard with dusty pink.


Organic materials

In keeping with the natural, tranquil theme, choose materials with look more natural, or shapes which look more organic. Rattan, linen, jute, timber and the perfectly imperfect artisan décor will help to create a sense of sustainability, relaxation and mindfulness.


Playful on Pinterest

Be ready for your pinterest boards to be flooded with playful designs, as this is another big inter design trend for 2020. Playful patterns can add joy and warmth to your home, especially if you have a young family. In the words of Doctor Seuss, “These things are fun and fun is good”.


When it comes to art, go large!

Large scale artwork and wall murals will be a big interior design trend in 2020, and if you thought wallpaper was dead, think again! A large scale art piece can look stunning above a bedhead or in a lounge room, and it means you won’t need much else in the room to bring it to life. Hanging wall art, tapestry’s and macramé patterns are also still big in 2020.


Personal Minimalism

Thanks to the work of Marie Kondo, this is another big interior design trend on the rise. It’s a design trend that hist the sweet spot of not enough and not too much. In real life, this looks like the pared-back minimalist room we have come to know and love, accessorised with décor items that are meaningful for us. It’s all about curating with intention – knowing what to add in, and what to leave out.


Cool and Comfortable

Bring on the oversized sofas, cushions, throws, ottomans and anything else that you need to get cosy. There’s a movement underway in New York about creating cool but comfortable spaces, so expect to see it here in 2020. We’re not talking Vogue living room, we’re talking Netflix cosy